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Hotel booking with low price guarantee
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We never charge a change or cancelation fee.
We understand sometimes your travel plans can change, it happens, right? That's why we don’t charge any change or cancellation fees on hotel bookings. You can change or cancel your hotel reservation online or through the call center and we won't charge you any penalty. Please note, you may still be subject to change and cancellation fees that the hotels impose and require us to pass on.
 Low price guarantee.
We are confident that our hotel rates are the lowest rate you can find online. If you find a lower rate for your hotel on another site, we’ll refund the difference to you. The lower price you find needs to be for the same dates, length of stay and room type.
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For any urgent matter please call our Customer Support and Sales team; USA & Canada: Free Call: 1-800-780-5733, Europe & International: Free Call: 00-800-1120-1140. Changing and canceling reservations you can easily do online, click here.
 Hotel rating and advice, written for travelers by travelers
One of the best ways to get information about a hotel is to listen to the opinion of travelers that stayed in the hotel. Therefore we include, in our hotel presentations, ratings and reviews that have been posted on TripAdvisor. This gives you the opportunity to get inside information from real travelers like you.
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