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Cruises offer great value for money because the fares often include nearly everything you'll need for a fantastic holiday: food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between travel destinations. On a cruise, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island and there's no need to mess with train or ferry schedules, or lug your suitcase along cobblestone streets. Every morning, you'll wake up in a new place. Can't decide between St. Lucia and Barbados, or Italy or Spain? Why choose? Pick an itinerary that visits all the cities on your wish list.

Cruise Ships Come in All Shapes and Sizes, the ideal cruise ship for one person may be a mega-ship outfitted with onboard rock-climbing walls and outdoor movie theaters, while another will prefer an intimate ship with an upscale ambience and someone else will want the seafaring experience of a masted tall sailing ship. Luckily, all those different types of cruise ships exist.

If you want to know more about cruise holidays follow the links underneath (note that all the websites are beyond our control and we can´t take any responsibility for their contents) and if you would like to extend your holiday and need a hotel room or flight tickets, you can easily find it here on as we cover most destinations.

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