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Many people prefer "not ordinary" vacation but wish to see unusual places of the world and to have extraordinary travel experiences. Therefore there are many companies that are specialist only on this type of “holidays”. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional explorer, beginner or a family. There is always something for you. Obviously not everybody would like to go on an expedition to North Pole with extreme temperatures of -70 to -80C, but there are some. A first step towards an unforgettable adventure holiday is to find what suites you. Take advantage of this page that is a meeting point for Adventure Travel companies, you will easily find everything from the North Pool tour and climbing Himalaya to “less advanced”, wildlife and desert safaris, biking-, walking-, rafting-, kayaking-, horseback riding, rock climbing-, sailing- holidays and expeditions, just to give a few examples. If you need a hotel room, you know that is there for you and we have hotels in most areas on the globe.

Adventure Travel
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