Egypt – the Rich Crossroad of Great Nations
Egypt, located at on the Mediterranean Sea at a crossroad between Asia, Europe and in the northeast corner of the African continent, is the 30th biggest country in the world bordered by Palestine and Israel to the north-east, Libya to the west, to the east by the Red Sea, and Sudan to the south.

Egypt is home to a diverse cultural society. Ethnic Egyptians constitute majority of Egypt's population whereas the minorities include Bedouins, Arabs, Nubians, Berbers (Siwa Oasis), Greeks, Turks, and small tribal communities - the Bejas and Doms. The Egyptians are known for their hospitality so long as you respect the local traditions and customs and try avoiding offending anyone, especially in their place of worship, you are assured of an unforgettable holiday in Egypt. There is no unified "Egyptian Culture” but Egyptians from all social classes, ethnic origins, or religious beliefs, share important social values, such as love for family, friendliness and humor, sports and folkloric dances. Egypt has a rich artistic scene, world famous for its theatre, music, TV and film industries. Egypt has iconic figures such as Naguib Mahfouz, the acclaimed movie director, the 1988 Nobel Prize awardee for Literature, Yousef Chahine, the most famous Arabic diva of all times, Umm Kolthoum and the Egyptian actor Omar Sherif and more.

Find a good hotel in Egypt nearest to your choice of destination. Set up base in Cairo, the capital city. From Cairo, you can easily go to other important cities, towns and regions like the Luxor, Abu-Simbel, Aswan and the Nile Valley and much more. The Nile Valley is home to the iconic Pyramids, the majestic Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings, and the stunning temples of Luxor and Karnak. Sail the world’s longest river and explore the cradle of civilization. When you opt to book in a resort hotel in Egypt, White Med is the top most destination that should be in your plan list where enjoy all types of activities like sports and cultural tours. Pass by Alexandria to see Pompey’s Pillar and El Alamein to explore the site of a major World War II battle.

Bask under the sun in the Red Sea Riviera, a perfect diving destination at any time of the year. In Hurghada, you can go snorkeling, camping, underwater fishing, and visit the world’s largest aqua-culture museum. You can take a scenic hot spot destination in any of the international hotels at Sharm El Sheikh. Other luxury hotels in Egypt are in El Gouna where you can unwind among gorgeous mountains and crystal clear waters. Go fishing, diving, and sightseeing at Marsa Alam. Meet the friendly locals living in Dahab, a charming fishing village. Head on to Safaga, the best location to seek cure for psoriasis and Marsa Alam for a therapeutic recluse.

So many great places to visit, with so little time.

The best way for you to enjoy your holiday or business trip to Egypt is to plan ahead. It is always good practice to list down your itinerary way ahead of schedule to give you ample time to prepare for a memorable stay. Start your travel plans by choosing a comfortable hotel in Egypt here on 
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