Appreciate Modern Shanghai
Shanghai, if you want to visit one of the biggest financial, cultural, economic, science, international trade and technology center in the world, then you definitely have to go to Shanghai. This is the largest city in China and it is located in the eastern part of the country, on the Yangtze River. It’s a famous international metropolis, widely known for its modern buildings and architecture. All these features have turned it into a very popular holiday destination over the years. Make sure that you choose a nice hotel in Shanghai if you really want benefit from a great experience.

Shanghai, or Hu as it’s also known, has a population of 23 million inhabitants, making it not only the largest city in China, but also the largest in the world. The metropolis is very prosperous and developed, its economy overcoming Beijing, the Chinese capital. A huge part of its finances comes from tourism, since people are more and more attracted by its uniqueness and modernization. During the last 20 years, Shanghai managed to develop a very big and effective tourism industry. That’s how it gained the appellative of global city. Nowadays, many industries in the world follow the rules established by this city in areas like fashion, commerce, media, technology, finance and culture. Shanghai is also the busiest container port in the whole world, so if you want to choose a luxurious, quiet hotel in Shanghai make sure you consider Park Hyatt Hotel and esteem ultimate luxury.

The city bloomed during the 19th century, due to its strategic location, becoming the link between west and east. But it was many years after, when the foreign investments appeared in the metropolis, supporting its development. So, we now have in front one of the most powerful cities in the world. But it’s not all about the economy and finances. The touristic part is also very important. If you go to Shanghai, you will see a multicultural and glamorous city, crowded but full of energy, very dynamic and with a very lively nightlife. You cannot go there and leave without experiencing a day of shopping in some of the most famous brand stores in the world (Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Hermes etc.). Although you might be tired at the end of the day, the satisfaction on your face will make it worth. Also, you have to admire the mixture of cultures, the interesting traditions, but also the new and modern customs. Skyscrapers way up high in the sky will leave you speechless.

Some important sights in Shanghai are the City God Temple, the Bund, Pudong skyline and Yuyuan Garden. The city also hosted the World Expo in 2010, becoming an international attraction. So, this is one place you definitely have to see at least once in your lifetime. We guarantee you an extraordinary and memorable experience, especially if you stay at URBN hotel in Shanghai, a four star edifice entitled with pure lavishness.  
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