Travel to Orlando
Orlando, the county seat of Orange County, situated in the center of the metropolitan area of Greater Orlando is a place where many children and grown-ups would love to go. The fabulous city is the theme-park capital of the world, and it can provide entertainment for many tourists looking to benefit from an adventurous getaway. If you’re travelling with your family and money is not enough, you can consider a cheap hotel in Orlando called The Metropolitan Express and you’ll save up a lot of cash.

The most representative part of Orlando is Lake Eola Park. The lake is famous for its colorful fountains and it also has specially designed words that are perfect for travelers who want to show their friends a proof that they visited this captivating place. The Walt Disney World Resort is the main element of Orlando that receives international recognition for its capacity of re-creating the fantasy world that Walt Disney has drawn. Even though there is also a Walt Disney Park in France, it cannot be compared with the one in Orlando, Florida. It includes many theme parks such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is mostly loved by girls given that Cinderella’s Castle is built here. It is a fantastic building that imitates closely the drawings from the cartoon. Children can meet many Disney characters in the Park and can ask them to take a photo together. They can also go on tours guided by elves or princesses to see other Disney magical places. And because family vacations are not cheap, make sure you look properly for an affordable hotel in Orlando.

Epcot Park is more of an educative center, with tours that will teach interesting new stuff, but that will also make you tired. People always joke and say that EPCOT comes from the words “every person comes out tired”. The first theme park ever created was Cypress Gardens. With an impressive assembly of various species of plants and animals it attracts a great number of tourists. Its main theme is Jurassic Park therefore you should expect many rides that include dinosaurs and other creatures from the movie. There are over three dozen rides and a great number of ice skating shows and water skiing displays.

Disney’s MGM studios and Universal studios are great points of interest for movie lovers. If you want to see how movies were made and walk on the set where live shows were born, you should see the back scenes of Disney’s MGM studios. Universal studios can also offer entertainment for adults, with rides and shows based on well-known Hollywood movies. What’s not to like about Orlando? The place is filled with merriement and if you search properly you’ll even find a nice, cheap hotel in Orlando to lodge in.

Overall, Orlando is all about themes parks, fun and entertainment. Take your children or your spouse and become a child again with great rides through Wald Disney World, Cypress Gardens and Universal Studios. 
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