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Shopping in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a city state in China, mostly known for its beautiful skyline and its natural harbor. It is a very crowded city, thus there are many shops where you can enjoy shopping for clothes, souvenirs and shoes; in addition, on your way to finding a nice hotel in Hong Kong you’ll definitely come across endless markets that sell gadgets and electronics for men.

Causeway Bay is one of the most popular shopping attractions in the city. Gathering all kinds of shops, from boutiques to department stores, this commercial centre is concentrated on food and fashion for youngsters. There are also electrical department stores and house decoration boutiques. Wang Chai is a district in Hong Kong that gathers together many shops dispersed on each street. On Queen’s Road East you can find many furniture shops and many salesmen that will reveal numerous bargains and deals for tourists. If you want to send the purchase at home, they would gladly do it. Spring Garden Lane is another street, this time with shops filled only with clothes. The prices are very competitive so do not be surprised if you can bargain the wanted clothes at a cheaper cost.

Admiralty is yet another famous district of Hong Kong, mostly known for its high prices and its brand-named products. In the Pacific Place Mall you can find a variety of products in over 140 outlets, so you will not regret visiting it. Another shopping center in this area is Queensway Plaza, connected with the Pacific Place Mall through a skyway.

The Center district is clustered with many commercial centers, some of them being The Galleria, The IFC Mall, The Landmark, Prince’s Building, and so on. Here you can find designer shops and many products with brand names. In this area there are also two streets called “The Lanes”, gathering many cheap clothing stores. Another street, called Stanley Street, houses many boutiques with photographic equipment, so if your camera broke down during your trip, you are advised to visit one of the many shops there.

In the Western district you can find the Western Market, as well as a very nice hotel in Hong Kong you can lodge in called Lan Kwai Fong Hotel. It is not entirely necessary to spend all of your money on a few items, you can buy them at a lower price right at the Western Market. West area of Hong Kong is widely known for its souvenir booths, dried seafood boutiques, and many others.

Seeing that in Hong Kong there are many shopping centers and very cheap prices, you should not miss a shopping spree. 
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