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Cairo, a victorious city and one of the world’s most superb travel spots, is the capital of Egypt, a very exotic city situated on the Mediterranean seaside. Cairo has been seen by many tourists as a mystique place, a city where the hot air of the desert mixes with the busy and hasty people. This urban area has seen a great development in the past few years, so that today you can also admire skyscrapers and many busy, modern streets. Prior to coming to the city, remember to make a reservation for a hotel in Cairo; otherwise, you’ll be searching for an affordable hotel for ages.

Many people have the dream of coming to Egypt, and thus, their first stop is Cairo. There is a great variety of tourist attractions in the city, the most important ones are the pyramids that are situated right at the outskirts. The great pyramids of Giza are the best known places of interest in Egypt, even though there are about 100 of them throughout the country. The great pyramid of Cheops has allured many travelers into discovering the ancient history of the Egyptian kingdom. The Sphinx, an enormous sculpture made out of only a block of stone, embodies a creature that is half human, half cat – the cat being an honored animal during those times. Even though the method of construction is still disputed, it is thought that over 20,000 slaves were used to carry the big blocks of stones.

If you are an ancient Egypt lover, then you would love the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. It houses a big number of antiquities, the most important ones being the mortuary mask of Tutankhamen and the mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. If you like ancient reminders, you can also visit the Solar Boat Museum, a museum that hosts the boat which is considered to have been carrying the bodies of the pharaohs to their graves. When pharaohs died, it was thought that his soul will ascend to the havens in the solar boat in order to reunite with his father Re. The boat was discovered in 1954, and it took more than ten years to restore.

If you are a tourist, Cairo is a city that you should not miss. Lodge in at the Safir Hotel in Cairo, rest and charge your batteries for the ultimate shopping spree at throughout its numerous souks. If you want to buy many souvenirs you have to go to one of the world’s oldest bazaars named Khan Al-Khalili. Your ability of bargaining will be put to test every little thing you want to buy. It is almost an insult if you do not want to make a deal with them. You can even go to the camel bazaar, even if just want to look. It would be place where you can actually touch and take photos of a camel, but be aware that you have to be prepared with some cash in order to do that.

Overall, Cairo is a city that is worth visiting, because it has so much to offer. Opt for a nice, comfortable hotel in Cairo and be sure to make time to explore its best sights because not too many people get this opportunity.
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