Love, visit, explore the wonders of Berlin

Berlin, for a taste of German precision, accuracy and correctness you have to visit Berlin. The capital of Germany is the largest city in the country, with a population of 3.5 million people. You can say it’s a huge metropolis that has a lot to offer for its visitors: various places to accommodate in like the Crowne Plaza City Centre Hotel in Berlin and restaurants, sightseeing (monuments, architecture, museums etc.) and a very active and entertaining nightlife. Although big, crowded and cosmopolitan, Berlin has numerous green regions (gardens, forests, parks, lakes, rivers) that provide fresh air and relaxation for the citizens and the tourists.

When you first arrive in this city you see the multiculturalism that surrounds it. Berlin shelters around 190 nations with different languages, cultures and traditions. You will definitely be impressed by this aspect. You will also be amazed by the large amount of bars, cafes, clubs and street art that you can find everywhere you look. So, entertaining yourself will not be a problem in the German capital.

But, what makes Berlin famous worldwide it’s his history and culture. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back in the 13th century. It first was the capital of Prussia. After that, it became the capital of the German Empire, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich (during the World War II). After the war ended, Berlin was divided in two different parts, the West Berlin and the East Berlin, separated by the well-known Berlin Wall. It was broke down in 1989, after the Cold War ended. It was then when Berlin became the capital of the united Germany and a global center of politics, science, culture and media. Today everybody wants to visit the beautiful city due to its fabulous attractions and if you really want to have a lot of fun, make sure you lodge at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin.

An important part of Berlin’s economy comes from the tourism area. That’s why the city offers many facilities and services for tourists. So, if you go to this capital you won’t feel neglected and you will certainly have what to see: museums, universities, orchestras, research institutes or palaces. Being so popular, large and powerful, Berlin is also the host of many sporting, cultural and political events, festivals and concerts. Other things that characterize the city are its high quality of living and its great and flawless public transportation. So whenever you’re getting ready for a vacation make sure you consider a nice hotel in Berlin called Swissotel Berlin.

Some sights you must see once you get in Berlin are: the Berlin Wall, the Berlin Wall Memorial, Viktoriapark, the Philharmonie, the Konzerthaus, the Museumsinsel, Bundestag (the Parliament), the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Brandenburger gate. Of course, there are many other attractions that you will have to discover by yourself visiting this wonderful European city. 
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