Amsterdam - an unforgettable adventure

Amsterdam, The capital of the Netherlands is one of the most visited cities in the world. Because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about I decided to go there by myself and I’ve tried my best to find a nice hotel in Amsterdam that is also comfortable and cheap. From the moment I arrived, I observed that it offers something for everyone’s taste, and that is why the metropolis has managed to turn into the biggest cultural and creative centers of Netherlands.

The city centre is the oldest and most visited part of Amsterdam. Besides buildings with beautiful and traditional architecture, the center of the city also offers the possibility of shopping and drinking something at one of its many coffee shops. It was very easy for me to get around the city because everyone seems to speak at least conversational English, which is amazing considering the fact that most people around the world are nationalistic and speak their native tongue. It’s really amazing to see how tolerable the city was. You could easily see prostitutes in the most central parts of the city and people who sold, possessed and smoke cannabis, which apparently is technically illegal, but tolerated by the authorities. So if you go there with your family and children, be sure to avoid as much as you can the Red Light District.

While I was in Amsterdam, I also visited some of their amazing museums. It was interesting to see the diversity of their exposed art. I have seen there everything: from famous masterpieces of art, cannabis and vodka representations. You should know though that it is very crowded there in the summer, so if you want to enjoy a vacation in Amsterdam, be sure to make some reservations at the places you want to visit. We’ve stayed at the Rembrandt Classic Hotel in Amsterdam and we’ve really enjoyed our stay. I have bought advance tickets, which were not that expensive. The Anna Frank House, The Rijksmuseum and The Van Gogh Museum have offered me the memories of a lifetime because of their exposed works of art like those of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. But besides that, I highly recommend you to visit the Vodka Museum where the story of the history of vodka is told and where at the end of the tour you get some to drink.

The Amsterdam Dungeon was also something I enjoyed. It includes a horror tour through dark chambers of the dungeon where there are hired live actors in charge with recreating the 13th century atmosphere. To your pleasure you will see that the tour ends with a roller coaster ranging through a real church. In what concerns the food, I have tried the local cheese which can be bought at the local markets, the bitterballen, a kind of meatball, the kroketten and the herring with onions and pickles. All of them were delicious because of the seasoning with the local Heineken beer. If you are looking for another fine hotel in Amsterdam, you might want to consider Best Western Delphi Hotel; although, fabulous we couldn’t afford it.  
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