Denmark - home of Vikings, Castles and the Happiest Danes in the World!
Denmark is a country in Scandinavia, the main part of which is Jutland, a peninsula north of Germany with a number of islands, including Zealand and Funen in Østersøen Sea between Sweden and Jutland. It was once the seat of Viking conquerors that has evolved into a north European power, a modern prosperous nation that is an active advocate in the general economic and political integration of Europe. Denmark is where the popular toys, Lego come from and where your kids can enjoy the Billund’s Legoland theme park.

Denmark is a country with a well preserved rich cultural heritage and progressive society providing a liberal social welfare system to its people and a legendary collection of architectural monuments making it an intriguing tourist destination. Many small islands are rarely visited by tourists because most of them are uninhabited but beautiful places worth seeing if you have time like the remote islands Læsø and Anholt with their laid back charms and peculiar architecture. Hotels in Demark are scattered all over its seventy two inhabited islands. Of course the blockbuster Bornholm, with its mystic round churches linking to the Knights Templers should not be missed. Also worth visiting is the Island sea south of Funen including the islands of Langeland and Ærø with picturesque villages, hilly farmland, lush greens and and wild horses, and Samsø, boasting of beautiful villages and the famous yearly Samsø Festival. Finally the islands of Fanø, Rømø and Mandø in the Wadden sea in South Jutland are good destinations where you will see the effects of intertidal zone forming a shallow body of water with wetlands and tidal flats. It is rich in coexistence of seals amazing birds and the happiest Danes living cute villages in spectacular beaches.

Danes still take immense pride in their Viking heritage, although in a more peaceful modern version than the wreaking havoc of history evidenced by the burial mounds dotting the landscape everywhere in the country. Easy access to more of Denmark’s history from any hotel in Denmark is a visit to two museums near Roskilde - the Viking ship museum with some well-preserved ships and the Lejre Experimental Centre, a living history museum with a recreation of a Viking village easily accessible from Copenhagen. Further west in Slagelse, Zealand lies the remains of some recreated long houses and the once mighty Trelleborg Viking ring castle. Near Hobro, Fyrkat in Jutland, another ring castle ruin can be found along with nine reconstructed farmhouses. Further south, and a first must-see in your list, is Jelling, where you will find a pair of massive carved 10th century runestones, one of which represents Denmark's conversion to Christianity and the end of the Viking age erected by Gorm the Old, the first official king of Denmark, whose son is buried in Roskilde Cathedral, your second must-see, the first Gothic church in Northern Europe and where Danish kings and queens are laid to rest. The third must-see in your Denmark list is famous Kronborg castle in Elsinore, home of Shakespeare's Hamlet, prince of Denmark guarding the main route to the Baltic sea. Other good collection of Viking artefacts are housed in the Copenhagen National Museum.  
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