Enjoy Cyprus where Life is simply Sun and Sea
Cyprus, The Mediterranean island at the crossroads of three continents, where the sun breathes life and the sea caresses. When in Cyprus, you only need to do two things - hit the waves and worship the sun.

Have you ever had this fantasy to sail off on a yacht like rich people do? Spend the day like a billionaire and take a cruise down the coastline of Cyprus from the comfort of your yacht and anchor in an unspoiled hideaway cove inaccessible by land. Chartering a yacht with an able crew to pamper you along the way is the next best thing to satisfying your craving for your favorite comfort food. It is a great way to celebrate life and give yourself a little treat (if you may accept a check mark for your bucket list, why not?). The mild westerly winds, beautiful scenery and calm waters are simply irresistible opportunities which you must not pass when you visit Cyprus. Two marinas, numerous bays and five ports provide essentials and shelter. Larnaka marina has room for 450 boats and diverse yachting communities from all over the world. Sailing and windsurfing are enjoyed all the year round while deep-water fishing and coastal cruising are also popular. You could even set base in a hotel in Cyprus and book a short cruise to nearby countries if your schedule permits.

With an array of beautiful beaches with the best hotels in Cyprus to choose from, you are assured of the perfect holiday you’ve been dreaming about. From the calm waters of the western part of the peninsula to the lively resorts villages in the east, the island has everything for everyone. The eastern coast is famous for its fine white sandy beaches with shallow turquoise waters. Clear seas and warm waters make Cyprus ideal for diving. Sea temperatures in deep waters with rocky promontories and rich marine life are perfect for snorkeling or diving. The underwater coastal reefs teem with a wide variety of colorful corals, fish, sponges, the ubiquitous sea urchin, sea anemones, mussels and octopus. Observe the frequent visits of sea turtles spotted on shores constantly monitored by the turtle conservation project making sure that the endangered species procreate to considerably increase their numbers. Awesome underwater caves and tunnels and a number of scenic trails are waiting to be discovered and explored. The stretch of fine sandy southern coastline is ideal for long winter walks and the secluded western coves offer a tranquil setting for basking under the sun all day long.

Windsurfing and sailing are enjoyed all the year round while coastal cruising and deep-water fishing are also popular. Other activities you may wish to do are thrill seeking adventures like bungee jumping and extreme watersports games at the Waterpark.

The best way for you to enjoy your holiday in Cyprus is to plan ahead. It is always good to list down your itinerary way ahead of your departure to give you enough time to prepare for an unforgettable stay in Cyprus. A good idée is to start your planning here on ExcelBooking.com by booking a nice and comfortable hotel.
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